Next Contact Numbers: Customer Service, Head Office, Complaints, Unresolved Complaints

Next Employee Portal Department UK Contact Number
Next Customer Service 0116 319 9038
Next Head Office 0333 777 4577
Next Complaints 0333 777 8247
Next Unresolved Complaints 0333 777 4582

Next Customer Service 0116 319 9038

Next UK Customer Service Number

Next Customer Service contact number 0116 319 9038 can be dialled from Monday to Thursday 9am to 8pm, Friday to Saturday 9am to 7pm and Sundays from 10 am to 4pm. If you have any general enquiries related Next’s UK operations then get in touch with Next Employee Portal contact number 0116 319 9038. You can visit Next employee portal homepage to check the Next employee portal availability. You need to go to Next employee portal login page to get Next employee portal register. You will be required to enter your payroll number and a unique registration code, then you will be asked to enter details of your regularly used email for notification. Once you have registered you will receive a confirmation mail, if you encounter any issues while registering or signing up for company’s employment portal then ring at Next contact number 0116 319 9038. Alternatively, if you think you registered an incorrect email address you will be able to re-register by entering your payroll number again on the registration page. In case you have forgotten your password, you can let them know and relevant assistance can be asked for on the mentioned number You can further download Next employee portal app and can get the help in filling Next employee portal application. With the help of Next employee portal helpline 0116 319 9038, also ask about Next employee portal staff handbook and can register your complaints if Next employee portal is down due to some reason.

If you are an employee of this company, they have a complete record of their workers on a separate website portal. You will have your very own username and password. By signing in you can access information like payslip, holiday booking, payment history, your company profile, and other special features offered by this organization. It means that you have the freedom to access all you official information record and archive from anywhere and the only requirement is the internet access. For further clarification ring at Next phone number customer service 0116 319 9038.

If a customer comes across obstacles like page not accessible, website under maintenance, incorrect username or password, link text, colour contrast, style sheet, alternative text for images, text size, keyboard access, javascript independence and other related hurdles. In such cases, they a may dial the next directory contact number 0116 319 9038 and have their problem solved. If you would like to speak to company’s higher authority or with their PR manager on topics related to quality, rates, accessibility, stores, delivery management, suggestions for online shopping, shopping in stores, and Next Direct then get in touch with Next at the same number.

You can even raise media-related concerns such as  Next media share price, Next media advertising, Next Mediaworks, Next media agencies and Next media billboards from the Next Media Unit by contacting Next phone number 0116 319 9038. In order to learn about the complete delivery details or to comprehend the entire spectrum of their delivery mechanism, please visit their delivery section.

Customers can send their enquiries or provide feedback in the written form to Next Official head office address mentioned below:

Next Retail Ltd,
Desford Road,
LE19 4AT,
The United Kingdom.

For real-time assistance, you can contact Next chat support and make employment enquiries. Apart from this, you can even enquire about their other products and services. The company has almost 700 stores. 500 of which are only in Great Britain, other 200 are in the Middle East, Asia and Europe. They sell a wide range of products via this long chain of company authorised stores around the world. If you are their customer or an employee who wants to know the exact location of one of their store, you can call Next contact number for employees 0116 319 9038 or visit Next store finder page.

Next Head Office 0333 777 4577

Next UK Head Office Number

Next head office contact number 0333 777 4577 is open to call 24 hours and seven days a week. Speak to a customer service representative by dialling Next contact number head office 0333 777 4577 to discuss your issues, complaints, feedback and suggestions concerning any of your purchased products or orders. You can even beep at this number to speak to a member of press office team for regional and international media enquiries. This number is for all those reporters, interviewers and fashion designers who are interested in their latest products and company operating mechanism. By approaching their press office you may succeed to arrange an interview with one of their press office staff member who is competent enough to answer all your queries. Alternatively, make an enquiry by email at

If you would prefer to enquire by post, then write a letter to one of the following Next addresses:

Public Relations Department

Next Plc

Desford Road



LE19 4AT

Next Complaints 0333 777 8247

Next UK Complaint Number

Next Complaints contact number 0333 777 8247 is available to hear you if you are not satisfied with the product or services that you received from Next. This phone number is suitable for complaints to any Next department, including stores, online and directory.

You can also contact Next by email to send your complaint and feedbacks or alternatively, you can write a letter of complaint if you prefer written communication over verbal and send it to their dedicated postal address:

Next Retail Ltd – Complaints Department,
Getting Road,
LE5 5DW,
The United Kingdom.

Keep in mind to mention full details, Directory/online customer must include their date of birth as well.

Next Unresolved Complaints 0333 777 4582

Next UK Unresolved Complaints Number

Next Unresolved Complaints contact number 0333 777 4582 serves people with unresolved complaints. In case you have already made a complaint and two weeks have elapsed but you feel that your complaint has not been given an iota of consideration, then dial Next phone number UK 0333 777 4582 to speed up the process. You can even contact Next email for the same. Please mention your name, address, phone number along with the details about your complaint including store name, item number and account or order number. Customers who prefer the traditional way of communication can write letters of unresolved complaints to their postal address:

Next Retail Ltd,
Desford Road,
LE19 4AT,
The United Kingdom.

If Next still does not resolve your complaint in a satisfactory manner you can then refer your complaint to an official alternative dispute resolution (ADR) scheme.

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