Morrisons Contact Numbers: Customer Service, Investor, Online Shopping, Corporate, Media

Morrisons Departments UK Contact Number
Morrisons Customer Service 0345 611 6111
Morrisons Investor Centre 0845 611 6111
Morrisons Online Shopping 0345 322 0000
Morrisons Corporate 0845 611 5000
Morrisons Investors 0845 611 5710
Morrisons Media Contact 0845 611 5111

Morrisons Customer Service 0345 611 6111

Morrisons customer service number

Morrisons customer service contact number is 0345 611 6111. Morrisons customer service opening times is from 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday and from 9am to 7pm. For more information on Morrisons birthday cakes, Morrisons Easter eggs, Morrisons A-Z vitamins, Morrisons groceries and Morrisons deals, please contact Morrisons customer service desk.

After you order your product, you can request for Morrisons home delivery, Morrisons next day delivery, Morrisons standard delivery or even Morrisons international delivery. You might need to know more about Morrisons delivery days, Morrisons delivery charge for bags, Morrisons home delivery areas or have Morrisons delivery problems, just contact Morrisons customer service delivery department for assistance. If it is Morrisons international delivery, please use Morrisons delivery checker to learn the progress and duration of the delivery. You can get a discount on Morrisons delivery new customer offer if you’re using the service for the first time. For more information please read Morrisons delivery terms and conditions from the website or Morrisons customer service director for assistance.

You can look for Morrisons delivery driver jobs within your area. All you need to do is to visit the website and search for instance Morrisons delivery driver jobs Birmingham or Morrisons delivery driver jobs Bradford. Just get in touch with Morrisons customer service advisor for guidance.

If your Morrisons delivery is late or you have a Morrisons delivery complaints such as Morrisons late delivery refund, please contact Morrisons delivery helpline 0345 611 6111 for assistance.

If you feel the services offered to you are not satisfactory or against Morrisons customer service policy, please forward Morrisons poor customer service comments to Morrisons customer complaints department for action. Further, you can report Morrisons bad customer service using Morrisons customer complaints email address or through Morrisons customer complaints phone number 0345 611 6111. Likewise, if you applaud Morrisons good customer service, please give a comment to Morrisons customer service feedback. Further, you can conduct Morrisons customer service survey online to improve customer service levels and offer Morrisons customer service reviews.

You can download Morrisons app from Google play to get Morrisons products and services from your smartphone. Further, you can use Morrisons online to book Morrisons products online and get services.

Morrisons Investor Centre 0845 611 6111

Morrisons_Investor Centre Number

Morrisons investor centre customer contact number is 0845 611 6111. Morrisons customer service opening times are from 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday and from 9am to 7pm. You can request for a range of Morrisons products and services such as Morrisons flowers, Morrisons birthday cakes, Morrisons food to order, Morrisons breakfast, Morrisons baby clothes Morrisons Jack Daniels and Morrisons champagne. This can be done from Morrisons stores across the UK such as Morrisons Blackpool, Morrisons Eastwood, Morrisons Enfield, Morrisons Bradford and Morrisons Bolton. You can locate Morrisons near me through the store finder page. Other Morrisons products services you can find at Morrisons store including but not limited to Morrisons dry cleaning, Morrisons fuel, Morrisons food, Morrisons D cell batteries, Morrisons data services and Morrisons a-z vitamins

You can use Morrisons customer services postal address below to send your complaint, feedback or resume. Customer Service Department Wm Morrison Supermarkets PLC Hilmore House Gain Lane Bradford BD3 7DL

You can check apply for Morrisons customer service jobs. All you need to do is to contact Morrisons customer service contact number 0845 611 6111 and enquire about Morrisons customer service job description, Morrisons customer service assistant job description or any Morrisons job application. Further, you can visit Morrisons website, Jobs page and check for available careers opportunities.

You can become a Morrisons supplier by registering to Morrisons supplier online. Just download Morrisons application form to become a supplier and send your details for verification. You’ll be created on Morrisons online platform whereby you can be able to access Morrisons affiliate services by providing your products to Morrisons. In case you need more details on how to register as Morrisons supplier, please contact Morrisons customer service desk for assistance.

Get a Morrisons card by contacting Morrisons customer service advisor or alternatively online through Morrisons my account login. In case there is any issue with your card such as Morrisons gift card not working, don’t hesitate to contact Morrisons customer service number for assistance.

Morrisons Online Shopping 0345 322 0000


Morrisons online shopping customer service number is 0345 322 0000. You can shop for Morrisons e-lites, Morrisons e-lite cigarettes, Morrisons e-liquid, Morrisons e-commerce, Morrisons e voucher and other Morrisons offers from Morrisons online.

For assistance on Morrisons online shopping offer, Morrisons online shopping minimum order, Morrisons online shopping problems or any Morrisons online shopping questions, please contact Morrisons online shopping helpline 0345 322 0000 for assistance. You can use Morrison’s first online shop voucher code to get Morrisons online shopping first order discount if it is your first time to shop online at Morrisons. All you need to is to visit Morrisons’ website and check for a variety of products and service you can purchase.

You can do online shopping at Morrisons supermarkets whereby you can get Morrisons groceries, Morrisons café and Morrisons food to order. Please contact Morrisons supermarket customer service team for more information. Further, you can shop for product and services on Morrisons outlets such as Morrisons online shopping Amazon.

You might need to check on Morrisons online shopping delivery areas where you can have your order dispatched after you place an order. Please note that you can use Morrisons online shopping click and collect to deliver Morrisons online shopping food drink & more to your door. If you order is not processed due to payment issues, please contact Morrisons online shopping payment pending support team for assistance.

You can use Morrisons card payment, Morrisons contactless payments or any other Morrisons payment methods convenient to you to make purchases of your products at Morrisons. If you need more information on Morrisons supplier payment terms or help on Morrisons payment pending, please get in touch with Morrisons online payments team for assistance. You can do this by dialing Morrisons contact number 0345 322 0000.

Please give your comments on Morrisons online shopping feedback platform or Morrisons online shopping reviews to help improve services level.

In case the order delivered is wrong, don’t hesitate to contact Morrisons online contact number 0345 322 0000 for assistance. In case the issue is not solved, you can request to be assigned to Morrisons customer service manager.

You can still use Morrisons online shopping app from your smartphone to access Morrisons products and services. For help on how to shop on Morrisons app, please seek help from Morrisons customer service online shopping.

Further, you can make an enquiry, send feedback on Morrisons customer service email address

Morrisons Corporate 0845 611 5000

Morrisons_Corporate_Contact Number

Morrisons corporate contact number is 0845 611 5000. If you’re a journalist and need assistance on Morrisons media reports such as Morrison’s latest financial news or Morrisons corporate social responsibility, please use Morrisons contact number head office 0845 611 5000 for help. The number can help you learn more information on Morrisons share prices, Morrisons financial objectives and Morrisons business strategy. In addition, you request can be by sending a letter of enquiry to Morrisons customer services postal address to Morrisons Media Relations Department

Hilmore House

Gain Lane



Morrisons Investor 0845 611 5710


Morrisons investor customer service number is 0845 611 5710. The number is available from 8am to 9pm. If you’re a potential investor and need updates on Morrisons financial news, Morrisons financial accounts 2017 or Morrisons financial performance, please contact Morrisons customer care line 0845 611 5710 for help. Further, you can visit Morrisons website and download Morrisons annual report, check on Morrisons dividend payments or Morrisons current financial position. Further, you can engage Morrisons chief financial officer for details on Morrisons dividend payment dates if you’re an existing investor. Feel free to engage Morrisons customer services head office for any other issue that you need clarification.

Morrisons Media 0845 611 5111

Morrisons_Media_Contact number

Morrisons Media Contact Number is 0845 611 5111. The number is available 24 hours, 7 days. If you’re a journalist and need more information on Morrisons press related issues, kindly dial Morrison telephone number 0845 611 5111. You can access such services buy visiting Media Centre page from Morrisons website.

Alternatively you can send complaints in the post to:

Morrisons Media Relations Department
Hilmore House
Gain Lane

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