eBay Contact Numbers: Customer Service, Sellers, Nectar, Returns, Complaints

eBay UK Department eBay UK Number
eBay Customer Service 0345 355 3229
eBay Seller 0345 359 3229
eBay Nectar 0344 811 0811
eBay Returns 0800 358 6551
-Free Number-
eBay Complaints 0208 605 3000

eBay Customer Service 0345 355 3229

eBay Customer Service contact number is 0345 355 3229.  eBay contact number hours are from 5am to 10pm Monday to Sunday. If you have queries related to buying, selling or returns then you can immediately dial eBay contact number 0345 355 3229. eBay UK is one stop shop solution to buy new or used, common or trendy products of your requirement. eBay offers a wide range of clothing, electronics and home decor products. In fact, you can even find eBay discount code for products like jewellery, sports item and beauty accessories. eBay phone number UK 0345 355 3229 can assist you if you are unable to use an eBay voucher code for anything you want to buy. To make your loved one’s day rememberable you can even buy eBay gifts cards which can be used in future to buy products on eBay online.

You can contact eBay online support if you are interested in selling your goods and need information regarding the same. Buyers can use the website for free but eBay sellers are charged a fee for listing items as well as for selling them. When getting in touch with eBay contact number customer service 0345 355 3229, make sure to provide them with as many information as you can. Include the date, your item number, user ID, and any step that you took prior to asking them your question.

Contact eBay phone number 0345 355 3229 if you have queries related to your invoice where you have been overcharged for an item. If you have sold an item and the buyer has not paid you the complete amount then you must call eBay phone number for sale 0345 355 3229 and explain the whole case. Adding on, you can even get in touch with eBay contact centre number 0345 355 3229 if you have not received the item you have paid for or have received a wrong item.  This eBay corporate phone number 0345 355 3229 can be used to update customer’s personal information such as home address, email id and password. You can even ask the eBay executive to close your account without any questions asked. Moreover, you can even seek information regarding Promotional discounts and offers by dialling at this eBay contact 0345 355 3229.

In case you would like to sign up for a new eBay account or are facing difficulty to log in the existing account you can ring at eBay phone number customer service UK 0345 355 3229 to get your problem resolved. One option is to contact eBay resolution centre if you prefer written communication.

Apart from this you also have an option to contact eBay live chat which is available 10am to 6pm Monday to Friday. This facility is unavailable during the weekend. There is also eBay Mobile App which is preferred by a lot of users when it comes to convenience.

If you are not comfortable with eBay online then you are free to contact eBay head office and write a postal mail at their address:

eBay (UK) Ltd,

Hotham House, 1 Heron Square,

Richmond, Surrey


People who are interested in working with eBay can find out answers to their questions by visiting the eBay Career FAQs present on the website. In case, the questions you are trying to search are unavailable then you can fill up the eBay Contact form with your personal details along with the query and they will get back to you quickly.

For the journalists who would like to make media enquiry are free to contact eBay via email at pressoffice@ebay.com. The press office team is always ready to help the journalists with any enquiry related to them. Ebay operational hours for press are from 8am to 6pm, and all your emails will be monitored during this time. They will also aim to respond to urgent enquiries outside their working hour, during weekends or public holidays as well.

eBay Sellers 0345 359 3229

eBay UK Increase selling limit Number

eBay Sellers contact number is 0345 359 3229. This eBay contact number 034 is open 24 hours and 7 days a week for customer help. This eBay phone number helpline 0345 359 3229 is dedicated to helping eBay sellers who have queries related to their selling limit. If a seller wants to increase the number of items for sale then he may dial eBay phone number for sellers 0345 359 3229 and your limit might increase once over a period of the 30-day evaluation cycle. Your first selling limit increase will be available after 45 days of positive selling. Make sure you establish a positive selling history before you call eBay phone number to request higher selling limits 0345 359 3229. If you are from business & Industries, Motor Vehicles or Real Estate Category, then you need not worry about the selling limit, you directly contact eBay member by dialling eBay contact number 0345 359 3229 to guide you with the process of eBay bid retraction or cancellation. 

eBay Nectar 0344 811 0811

eBay UK Nectar Points Number

eBay Nectar contact number 0344 811 0811 is open to call from Monday to Friday, 8am to 8pm and 9am to 5pm during the weekend. Nectar points are basically used to pay for an item you have purchased and you earn one Nectar point for every £1 you spend while buying on eBay.co.uk. eBay enterprise phone number can guide you on how to link your eBay and Nectar account in My eBay in order to gain benefits on each item you buy. If you are facing difficulty to access your account or are not aware of the complete terms and conditions of use then you can take aid from eBay contact centre number 0344 811 0811. You can even enquire about how many eBay nectar points have you earned and what is the right way to use them during to next purchase.

If due to any reason the Nectar card is lost or stolen, then the customer must report eBay phone number direct 0344 811 0811 to take action regarding the same. The customer also has a choice to send a message through eBay email address nectar_helpline@custhelp.com and the team will get back to them soon.

eBay Returns Free Number 0800 358 6551

eBay UK Returning an Item Number

eBay Returns Free Number is 0800 358 6551. This eBay free contact number is available from 8am to 10pm during the weekdays and 9am to 6pm on Saturdays and Sundays. Any item that you received from the buyer which appears to be defective or damaged can be returned back immediately. All you need to do is, get in touch with eBay free number for returns 0800 358 6551 and find out how exactly can you return an item. In case you feel dissatisfied with a product or have changed your mind about keeping it, then you may return it but then it is up to the seller if he accepts the return or not. You may talk to free eBay customer service phone number get human 0800 358 6551 to verify seller’s return policy before you file a return and refund. The seller can also use this number if a customer has incorrectly given you defect on your account which may affect your seller performance. You will receive a quick answer to any complaint that you have regarding this issue by speaking at eBay free number UK 0800 358 6551.

eBay Complaints 0208 605 3000

eBay UK Complaint Number

eBay Complaints contact number 0208 605 3000 aims at listening to all your complaints against eBay Services. You can dial eBay phone number complaints 0208 605 3000 if you encounter issues such as wrong delivery, delivery at the wrong address, low-quality product received and even for delayed order. You will be asked to provide all the product details by eBay for any actions to be taken. If you think someone is trying to use your account, you can report to eBay phone number fraud 0208 605 3000 to change your password in a flash. After the verification ask if any changes have been made in your eBay account. If you are a seller this eBay contact number for sellers 0208 605 3000 will help you check your active bids and listing in case of fraud to make sure they are all yours. Further, dial eBay contact number 0208 605 3000 if you believe eBay has repeatedly charged too much commission or if you feel they have neglected to deal with the disputes you had with a seller or a buyer.

For making complaints with a postal medium, you can send in your requests or queries to the following eBay address. Along with the letter of complaint mention your contact details and attach all desired documents to help eBay support team to reach you with the solution soon:

Complaints Department,
eBay (UK) Ltd,
Hotham House,
1 Heron Square,
TW9 1EJ,
The United Kingdom.

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