Amazon Contact Numbers: Customer Service, Mastercard, Press, Seller, Groceries

Amazon Department UK Contact Numbers
Amazon Customer Service 0800 279 7234
-Free Number-
Amazon Seller Customer Service 0800 496 1081
-Free Number-
Amazon Press Office 0203 942 1793
Amazon International 0207 084 7911
Amazon UK Groceries 0208 935 5659

Amazon Customer Service Free Number 0800 279 7234


Amazon customer Service free number is 0800 279 7234. For more information on Amazon deals, Amazon business UK, Amazon prime video, Amazon codes, Amazon kindle account, Amazon tickets, Amazon marketplace or Amazon my orders, please dial Amazon free contact number 0800 279 7234 for help. Further, you can engage Amazon customer service team through Amazon live chat from the website. For any Amazon questions, Amazon feedback or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact Amazon customer service agent for assistance.

If you have Amazon discount code, Amazon gift voucher or Amazon promo code, please use it at the check-out stage if shopping online to buy at a reduced price. If you’re placing an order through the phone, please contact Amazon support for assistance. To purchase items from Amazon, please use Amazon credit card or any other Amazon payment method. Amazon customer service team is on hand to advise you on the appropriate payment option you can use.

In case you need to access Amazon services through your phone, just check out for Amazon app store from the Google play to be view and order Amazon products. You can check for a broad range of Amazon deals from the app such as Amazon office chairs, Amazon original series and Amazon codes. For help on getting your Amazon app, please contact Amazon free telephone number 0800 279 7234 anytime for assistance. You can enjoy Amazon music unlimited through your phone by visiting Amazon music app where you can download your favourite music all day.

If you’re using the online platform, you can use Amazon sign in details to access your Amazon account. From this account, you can check the history of your order, or change the shipping addresses if the need arises. You can still cancel or amend your order from Amazon account if you change your mind.

Are you interested in Amazon jobs? Then visit Amazon careers page to check on the available job opportunity you can apply for. If you’re near Amazon warehouse, you can check for Amazon warehouse jobs by visiting the warehouse offices.

Be on the lookout for Amazon Easter sales to a get amazing offers such as Amazon grocery, Amazon iPhone 6 case, Amazon iPhone 7 case or Amazon K & N air filter. You can still check for Amazon Kindle store to get your favourite read on Amazon website. Further, you can purchase items such as Amazon garden furniture, Amazon headphones, Amazon beds, Amazon books, Amazon music and Amazon fire sticks. There are still Amazon brands such as Amazon F & D speakers and Amazon digital services for you during the offer period. If you need a check on Amazon best sellers, please check the Amazon bookstore to buy Amazon book of your choice.

You can subscribe to get Amazon news. Just visit Amazon website and register to get weekly or monthly email notifications. If you’re no longer interested, please contact Amazon customer service desk or use your email to unsubscribe.

You can buy from any Amazon outlet or return the product if you’re not satisfied with it. For help on Amazon outlets, please get in touch with Amazon support or visit Amazon website to check on Amazon outlet near you.

Amazon Seller Customer Service Free Number 0800 496 1081


Amazon seller customer service free number is 0800 496 1081. Please get in touch with Amazon service agent for assistance on any issue related to Amazon services. For instance, you can request for next day delivery, Amazon in car delivery or even Amazon 2 hour delivery after booking your order. There is Amazon international delivery or Amazon standard delivery. All you need to do is to contact Amazon free number 0800 496 1081 to understand the various Amazon delivery options for you as well as understanding the durations and the charges. You can for Amazon locker near me to ensure you receive your Amazon packages in safe and secure locations. You can do this at the check-out stage while choosing shipping address or through Amazon my account. Further, you can contact Amazon customer service agent for help. You can use Amazon tracking number to learn the progress of your order if ordered online. All you need to do is to visit Amazon online and check for Amazon orders where you can enter your tracking number. Alternatively, you can use Amazon telephone number for assistance.

In the event the order delivered is wrong or you’re not satisfied with the order, please check for Amazon return policy from the website. Alternatively, please contact Amazon helpline number to arrange for return of your order either for an exchange or for a refund. For more information on Amazon affiliate, check from Amazon website.

If you’re a shareholder and need more information on Amazon quarterly reports, Amazon annual reports, Amazon letters to shareholders or Amazon proxy statement, please contact Amazon free contact number 0800 496 1081 for assistance. Further, you can send use Amazon investor relations email address for help.

If you feel the services offered are not satisfactory, please lodge a complaint by sending an email to Amazon complaints email address for assistance. Alternatively, pick up your phone and raise your concern through Amazon customer service desk.

 Amazon Customer Service International Number

Amazon customer service international contact number is 0207 084 7911. If you need help on Amazon Japan, Amazon India, Amazon Germany, Amazon the USA, Amazon Canada or any other state apart from the UK, please contact Amazon telephone number 0207 084 7911 for assistance. You might need to book for Amazon products while you’re in your state or check for Amazon delivery progress to ensure your order is being delivered. In case you need to return the order delivered, please use the same number to contact Amazon customer service team 0207 084 7911 for assistance. In addition, you can make enquiries on any other issue regarding Amazon products and services such as Amazon grocery list, Amazon music, Amazon international free shipping and Amazon delivery duration to international addresses.

Amazon MasterCard Customer Service Number

Amazon_MasterCard number

Amazon platinum master card customer service number is 0333 220 2672. The number is available 7 days a week from 8am to 9pm. In case you need to apply for Amazon platinum MasterCard or Amazon classic MasterCard, please contact Amazon telephone number 0333 220 2672 for help. For more information on using your Amazon MasterCard, please visit Amazon website Payment Method to check on Amazon MasterCard FAQs. In the event you’re experiencing challenges while using your card, or need help on Amazon MasterCard payment, Amazon MasterCard debit and Amazon MasterCard free shipping if you’re ordering from abroad, please contact Amazon support team for assistance.

For Amazon MasterCard bill pay, you can either contact Amazon helpline number 0333 220 2672  for assistance to pay your bill or visit Amazon website, payment page where you can make the payments.

Check out for Amazon promotion shopping rewards to get Amazon MasterCard money off on the Amazon deals. All you need is to subscribe to Amazon promotional email alerts to get the notification. For instance, you can redeem cash through shopping with Amazon MasterCard through Amazon MasterCard cash back program. The more you use your Amazon card, the higher the Amazon MasterCard reward points that you can redeem for shopping at Amazon. For clarification and help on Amazon MasterCard promotions, please get in touch with Amazon customer service team.

You might need to check on Amazon MasterCard eligibility through the website or by contacting Amazon customer service desk any day for help before applying for Amazon platinum MasterCard or Amazon classic MasterCard. Further, you can inquire about Amazon MasterCard interest rate to understand the charges. Please don’t hesitate to contact Amazon support if you’ve your Amazon MasterCard declined. Amazon support will be able to explain to you why Amazon MasterCard application was declined and offer a solution for you.

In case the credit limit given to you is too low, please contact Amazon phone number 0333 220 2672 for help on Amazon MasterCard increase credit limit to ensure you’re upgraded within your budget. Such services can be obtained through Amazon website, payment page for assistance. Please use Amazon MasterCard secure login option while entering your MasterCard details to prevent fraud and online theft. In case there has been a compromise to your Amazon card, don’t hesitate to raise it with Amazon support team.

Amazon Press Office Number


Amazon press office number is 0203 942 1793. For queries, feedback and suggestions on Amazon media, please use Amazon phone number 0203 942 1793. You might need to know about to have clarified media reports about Amazon products and services such as Amazon expands groceries business, Amazon corporate social responsibilities or even Amazon news. Just contact Amazon customer service desk to speak to Amazon media team.

Amazon UK Groceries Customer Service Number


Amazon UK groceries customer service number is 0208 935 5659. You can find a range of every food, coffee, snacks and chocolate and other Amazon groceries products. All you need to is to visit Amazon website, browse and order your favourite food. Further, you can contact Amazon helpline number 0208 935 5659 to place your order.

You can use Amazon groceries app from your phone to shop for Amazon groceries from whole foods, Amazon grocery gourmet food or even Amazon groceries frozen food. Further, you can be on the look-out for Amazon discount groceries and more Amazon deals through email alerts.

You might be wondering are Amazon groceries a good deal for you. Just visit Amazon website and check for the Amazon groceries prices and compare with other groceries market outlets as well as Amazon groceries market share.

You can order for Amazon groceries across the such as Amazon groceries Belgium, Amazon groceries Singapore, Amazon groceries the USA, Amazon groceries Australia, Amazon groceries Canada or even Amazon groceries Japan. Wherever you’re, just contact Amazon customer service team for help. Further, you can request for Amazon groceries same day delivery or any other Amazon groceries delivery option you’re comfortable with. For more information, please contact Amazon telephone number 0208 935 5659 to get assistance. Once your order is delivered, please remember to check on Amazon grocery expiration date to ensure the food is fit for consumption.

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