Natwest Contact Numbers: Customer Service, Credit card, Mortgage, Loans, Home Insurance, Life Insurance, Lost and Stolen Cards, Fraud, Complaints, Business, Private Banking, Membership, Silver, Platinum, Black

NatWest Department NatWest UK Number
NatWest Customer Service 0345 788 8444
NatWest Credit Card 0370 333 9091
NatWest Mortgage  0345 302 0190
NatWest Loans 0345 366 5502
NatWest Home Insurance 0800 051 5450
-Free Number-
NatWest Life Insurance 0800 182 2312
-Free Number-
NatWest Lost and  stolen Card 0370 600 0459
NatWest Fraud 0800 161 5149
-Free Number-
NatWest Complaints 0800 151 0404
-Free Number-
NatWest Business Banking 0345 711 4477
NatWest Private Banking 0333 202 3330
NatWest Membership Silver Account 0345 601 5219
NatWest Membership Platinum Account 0345 601 0453
NatWest Membership Black Account 0345 601 7188

NatWest Customer Service 0345 788 8444

NatWest UK Customer Service Number

Natwest Customer Service contact number 0345 788 8444 is open 24 hours and seven days a week. NatWest phone number 0345 788 8444 deals with all general enquiries starting with technical support when using their website to solving issues related to your account login.  NatWest contact number for online banking 0345 788 8444 also helps in dealing with your online banking system. You can even enquire about types of service and product provided by NatWest Bank. In case you want to replace your new phone number with your previous number then you can dial the same number for assistance.  Now, NatWest is near to serve you better with the difficulties that you are facing. You can also contact them for any queries related to the limitations of your overdraft. You can dial NatWest phone number change 0345 788 8444 if you wish to change your general details such as the change in your postal address, house number, phone number. NatWest phone number business banking 0345 788 8444 clarifies all related issues and helps in making your business life better and smooth.

You can even send letters by post to the NatWest contact address for your enquiries, feedback or complaints. Make sure you do not include any sensitive information that could be used by criminals:

Customer Service Department,
PO Box 594,
ME4 9DP,
United Kingdom.

NatWest Credit Card 0370 333 9091

Natwest UK Credit Card Number

NatWest credit card contact number 0370 333 9091 is open 24 hours and 7 days a  week to serve you with your queries. NatWest phone number UK 0370 333 9091 helps in keeping a check on your credit card limit. Get in touch with them to help you solve your problems regarding transfer, replacement and the debt that you have to pay for your credit card. If you desire to extend your credit card limit then ring at  NatWest bankline contact number 0370 333 9091 for your aid. Make sure you have your account details handy to save time when you call Natwest bank telephone number 0370 333 9091. You can even request to change the pin of your card if you think another person may have access to your card pin.

NatWest Mortgage 0345 302 0190

NatWest UK Mortgage Number

NatWest Mortgage contact number 0345 302 0190 is available from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm from Monday to Friday and 9:00 am to 4:00 pm on Saturdays.  Homeowners who want to apply for replacement of their mortgage can beep at NatWest phone number Mortgages  0345 302 0190. atWest phone bank number 0345 302 0190 deals with all the doubts related to various terms and conditions for applying for a mortgage. In case you want information regarding the interest rates on your mortgage you can contact the same.  It also helps in increasing your borrowing terms so that you are able to pay your debts early in time. If you are a regular customer then you can also get in touch with NatWest contact number for mortgages 0345 302 0190 to keep yourself updated and get notified time to time.

NatWest Loans  0345 366 5502

NatWest UK Loan Number

NatWest Loans contact number 0345 366 5502 serves you from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm, Monday to Friday and 9:00 am to 3:00 pm on Saturdays. NatWest loan telephone contact number 0345 366 5502 works on solving your general or basic queries regarding your loan. It helps in knowing the rate of interest that the bank is providing you with. NatWest business phone contact number 0345 366 5502 helps in understanding your borrowing terms so that you are able to pay off your debts as quickly as possible. If you need more information regarding your existing car loans, debt consolidation loans, home improvement loans and the available repayment options then phone NatWest contact number loans 0345 366 5502.

NatWest Home Insurance Free Number 0800 051 5450

NatWest UK Home Insurance Number

NatWest Home Insurance free number 0800 051 5450 is available from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm from Monday to Friday and 9:00 am to 5:00 pm on Saturdays. NatWest Home Insurance contact number 0800 051 5450 serve you at the time of an emergency and also helps you prevent them. If you are already a policyholder and your home undergoes any mishappening such as fire, flood or theft then you can immediately ring at NatWest contact number emergency 0800 051 5450 to help you make claim on your policy. People who are planning to shift their house can make a call to NatWest and request to transfer their policy to the new address. You also have an option to insure the valuables you acquire under the content cover by dialling phone number NatWest home insurance 0800 051 5450.

NatWest Life Insurance Free Number 0800 182 2312

NatWest UK Life Insurance Number

NatWest Life Insurance free number 0800 182 2312 is available from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm, between Monday to Friday and 9:00 am to 4:00 pm on Saturdays. NatWest free number UK 0800 182 2312 helps in renewing your previous policy if it has been expired. People who have lost their loved ones and need support for making a claim on their life insurance policy can get in touch with NatWest life insurance contact number 0800 182 2312. You can also get a quote for your mortgage protection and can even change the amount your family receives after your passing.

NatWest Lost and Stolen card 0370 600 0459

NatWest UK Lost and Stolen Card Number

NatWest Lost and Stolen Card contact number 0370 600 0459 can be contacted 24 hours seven days a week for the issues related to both debit and credit card. Contact NatWest lost card 0370 600 0459 as soon as possible if you have lost your card or you suspect it to be stolen to avoid any fraudulent activity. You can call on the same number for knowing the details regarding the replacement of your new card. If you are facing challenges with the withdrawal at your local NatWest branch then you can speak at NatWest contact damaged card 0370 600 0459 for guidance in making transactions easily.

Natwest Fraud Free number 0800 161 5149

NatWest UK Fraud Number

NatWest Fraud Free number 0800 161 5149  can be contacted for any kind of frauds that have come your way including unethical access to your personal account or unexplained payment on your bank statement. If you suspect such activities then dial NatWest contact number customer service free 0800 161 5149 to gain proper explanation. They will help in knowing if anybody has spent any kind of amounts from your account and will pay the compensation for the same. You can even report frauds on personal or business credit card by calling NatWest phone number free 0800 161 5149.

NatWest Complaints Free Number 0800 151 0404

NatWest complaints free number 0800 151 0404 can be addressed regarding the financial services. NatWest Complaint department phone number 0800 151 0404 can be used in order to complain about the wrong behaviour of any member of the staff.  If you think that the bank is not providing you with the loan for your product then you can also call on this helpline for making your case viewed. In case, you have been overcharged on your loan or any other services then you can complain about the same under this helpline. People who prefer written communication can file in their complaints at the following address and wait for the response:

Customer Relations Manager,
PO Box 594,
ME4 9DP,
United Kingdom.

In case your problem has not been resolved in the period of eight weeks or who are not satisfied with the resolution made by the team then you can refer to NatWest Ombudsman service for further actions.

NatWest Business Banking 0345 711 4477

NatWest UK Business Banking Number

Natwest Business Banking contact number 0345 711 4477 is at your service 24 hours, from Monday to Sunday. People who want to view their outstanding debts on the account, make payment to creditors and notify them about their company premises can do so by calling phone number for NatWest bank 0345 711 4477. Adding on, if you wish to change the nominated person of your business account then you can do so by calling them, although you would require a written confirmation from all signatories currently names on your account. In case you want to check the balance of your account or make any transfers then contact NatWest business line for the same.

NatWest Private Banking 0333 202 3330

NatWest Private banking contact number 0333 202 3330 is open for your aid 24 hours seven days a week. You can consult this number for any enquiries related to your investment, savings and balance transfer. Natwest UK provides this private banking service to help their customers raise private funds; if you want to know whether you are eligible for it, then talk to NatWest contact number for online banking 0333 202 3330 and enjoy its benefits.

Natwest Membership

NatWest UK Membership Number

NatWest Membership Silver Account 0345 601 5219
NatWest Membership Platinum Account 0345 601 0453
NatWest Membership Black Account 0345 601 7188

Natwest Membership contact number is open Monday To Friday 8 am to 8 pm and 9 am to 5 pm on Saturdays. Concerns related to Silver, Platinum and Natwest Black Account are looked after at the above-mentioned numbers. To manage your account benefits and track your rewards you can contact NatWest from mobile at the mentioned time only exception if for NatWest Black Account holders who can get in touch between 8 am to 10 pm Monday to Sunday. Contact NatWest bank to know more about the silver accounts product features, benefits, eligibility criteria, requirements, account terms and conditions and how to register for the same by calling at natwest contact number in UK 0345 601 5219. Additionally, know more about the latest offers on the platinum account by dialling the NatWest phone number 0345 601 0453.

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NS and I Contact Numbers: Customer Service, International, Minicom, Complaints, Adviser

NS and I Department UK Contact Numbers
NS and I Customer Service 0808 500 7007
-Free Number-
NS and I International Number 0125 383 2007
NS and I Minicom 0800 056 0585
-Free Number-
NS and I Complaints 0800 092 1286
-Free Number-
NS and I Adviser 0800 092 1228
-Free Number-

NS and I Customer Service Free Number  0808 500 7007

NS and I UK Customer Service Number

NS and I Customer Service free number 0808 500 7007 is open 24 hours and seven days a week. This number deals with all the general enquiries related to National Savings and Investments. Get in touch for free NS and I contact number 0808 500 7007 if you need help to decide on NS and I products or choose from premium bonds including premium bonds, direct saver, direct ISA, income bonds, children’s bonds and investment account. If you believe you have won a prize or haven’t claimed your previous prize then dial National Savings and Investments free number 0808 500 7007. Call this number if you want to confirm the annual interest rate or the prize money amount available in their monthly draw. In case you want to close your account or cash your investment and are unable to do so you can take assistance by calling at NS&I income bond phone number 0808 500 7007. Through this contact number, you can make a report if you think you have experienced fraud or if you have received fraudulent emails, if someone has obtained your security information, or if you believe that someone else has gained access to your account. To switch from one investment or account to Direct Individual Savings Account, use the NS&I contact telephone number 0808 500 7007 to issue such instructions.

You can also call this free NS&I investment account phone number 0808 500 7007 to query a charge on your ISA account and to check if there any restrictions on how often you can withdraw money from your savings funds as some require a period of up to a year before you can make withdrawals without affecting your accumulated interest.

For the journalist who has enquiries related to working on NS&I can make a call at NS&I premium bonds contact telephone number 0808 500 7007 to get in touch with company’s media head. Apart from making a call, they can even send emails to for their concerns.

If you prefer written communication over verbal then you can you can write to NS and I address:

Customer Care Team,
G58 1SB,
United Kingdom.

The sender must include their personal details such as name, address and date of birth. If the reason for writing is to inform them about a house move or a change in marital status then include your previous name and address. NS&I number, customer or holder number, account number, bond number or certificate number can also be mentioned if available. Also make sure put in your signatures because the company would not be able to make any changes until your information is not signed by you.

NS and I International Number 0125 383 2007

NS and I International Contact Number 0125 383 2007 is available 24 hours seven days a week. Call this NS and I contact number from abroad 0125 383 2007 to discuss your premium bonds, ISA accounts and savings funds from overseas. In case you want to track down your unclaimed or forgotten investments with NS and I then beep at NS&I overseas phone number 0125 383 2007 to enquire about the same. You can even purchase services and products by calling at the same number. If you suspect a fraud related to NS and I then immediately talking to the experts on the phone number of NS and I 0125 383 2007. You can also call this helpline if you think you have won a prize whilst on holiday so they can reserve your winnings as opposed to marking it as an unclaimed prize to be redistributed.

In addition, they also offer phone services plus online banking which is convenient for all international customers to review their transactions to ensure they reflect the reality. If not then speak at NS&I phone number from abroad 0125 383 2007 to understand the working properly. You will receive all assistance related to your account by calling at this number. International clients who have experienced any service with NS&I that leaves them feeling unsatisfied should call this NS and I international contact number 0125 383 2007 and speak to the NS&I complaints department.

NS and I Minicom Free Number 0800 056 0585

NS and I UK Minicom Number

NS and I Minicom Free Number 0800 056 0585 is available 24 hours during the entire week. Call this number if you have queries related to managing your account or any personal details. This number is dedicated to people who are deaf, hard of hearing or is having any other disability. You can also use NS and I text relay Service by dialling 18001 from your textphone. All you need to do is keep necessary details in hand before the textphone connects you to the NS and I team for written requests. Register yourself for the Premium Bond Online and phone service for the company to provide your NS&I number and password by ringing at this NS and I contact number free 0800 056 0585. If you have experienced user challenges when dealing with technical part of their system then ring at the above-mentioned number.

NS and I Complaints Free Number 0800 092 1286

NS and I UK Complaints Number

NS and I Complaints Free Number 0800 092 1286 is open to call Monday to Friday 24 hours a day. Get in touch if you are not satisfied with the product or service you have been provided. To gain insightful information on all the investment and saving policies available dial NS&I contact number premium bonds 0800 092 1286. In case you want to inform about the unfair charges to your interest rate, a financial product that was inaccurately advertised and poor return on your ISA fund then you can beep at NS&I bonds phone number 0800 092 1286. If your prize has been denied even after being a Premium Bond holder then contact NS and I immediately for the same. There is a brochure that explains the way Premium Bonds deals with the complaints of the customers. If you do not understand any of the procedures mentioned in the browser then wish to speak to NS&I adviser directly via NS&I contact-free number 0800 092 1286 to get your concern sorted.  If the NS&I customer service team is not able to resolve your complaint to your satisfaction, then you have the option to refer the issue to the Financial Ombudsman Service for further review, which is a free and independent service for disputes resolution.

If you prefer to send your grievances in writing, then you can send your complaints to NS and I address given below:

National Savings & Investments (NS&I),
1 Drummond Gate,
United Kingdom.

NS and I Adviser Free Number 0800 092 1228

NS and I UK Adviser Number

NS and I Adviser Free Number 0800 092 1228 is open to call 24 hours, Monday to Sunday. You can discuss your client’s premium bonds, investment portfolio and ISA account by getting in touch with NS and I phone number free 0800 092 1228. You can even update them about the client’s tax situation and the changes in bonds they are investing for the upcoming year by dialling NS and I savings contact number 0800 092 1228. Apart from this, you can seek any kind of financial advice related to same you will get the right opinion on premium bonds investments if you are intending to take that line of direction. You even get to know the tax exemption, ease of investing and second-to-none security of the investment by ringing at this NS and I free contact number 0800 092 1228.

If you would like to get updated news about the products, interest rates and other important developments affecting advice firms, then you may opt for advisers updates by filling NS and I contact form stating your forename, company name, email address, surname and job title. Make sure you fill each field to receive regular and timely updates.

You can even send messages at National Savings & Investments (NS&I) by filling out the online contact form from their website. Here you will also find helpful tools such as their prize checker and you will also be able to log into your account to check your savings balance via this site.

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You can check out the latest interest rates and NS and I ISA funds available from National Savings & Investments by visiting their profiles on social media, moreover, you can use these platforms to send public messages about problems with accessing your money.

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