British Airways Contact Numbers: Customer Service, Business, Baggage, Executive Club, Group Sales, Flight Status


British Airways UK Department UK Contact Number
British Airways Customer Service 0344 493 0787
British Airways Business 0344 493 0748
British Airways Executive Flight Booking 0844 493 0747
British Airways Executive Enquiry Outside UK 0191 490 7901
British Airways Flight Booking 0844 493 0787
British Airways Flight Status 0344 493 0777
British Airways Executive Club 0344 493 0747
British Airways Group Sales 0344 493 0765
British Airways Baggage Claims 0344 493 0785
British Airways Minicom 0345 700 7706

British Airways Customer Service 0344 493 0787

British Airways Customer Service contact number 0344 493 0787 can be dialled between 6am to 8pm seven days a week. British Airways contact number 0344 493 0787 helps you book a flight and check for upgrades, cars, hotels and flight prices. You can also enquire about British Airways deals for your last minute planning. British Airways aims at providing all the convenience to its customers to make travel experience worth remembering. You can call British Airways phone number UK 0344 493 0787 if you desire to make changes on your flight hotel or car rental booking. Adding on, you can even change or make special meal requirement for your flight. Further, if you prefer your seat to be in a window or aisle seat then contact British Airways 0344 493 0787 to make necessary amendment in your seat number.

If you wish to cancel your flight due to any reason you can speak at British Airways contact number cancellation 0344 493 0787 within 24 hours of booking for a full refund, after that period you may not be entitled to full compensation.

You can send in your letters of enquiry or feedback to their official postal address below when you are writing about a specific flight or baggage claim make sure you put correct flight reference or ten digit file reference on your letter:

British Airways,
Customer Relations (S506),
PO Box 1126,
UB8 9XS,
United Kingdom.

British Airways Business 0344 493 0748

British Airways UK Business Number

British Airways Business contact number is 0344 493 0748. It is available from Monday to Friday between 9am to 5pm for business-related concerns. They offer an opportunity to business executives to earn tier or Avios points that can be used on their flights and upgrades. British Airways phone number for Avios 0344 493 0748 helps you find out your company’s Avios point balance and allows you to book a business flight for one of your employees. There is three tier available, initially, you will be at first tier, in case you have any confusion understanding the tier system you are free to contact British Airways customer services 0344 493 0748 to explain you the complete hierarchy and benefits of each level.

You can get in touch with British Airways flights 0344 493 0748 to manage your business account and see which tier is your company on. Apart from this if you have lost your login details or you wish to add another agent to manage your company’s business account then you can do so by calling at this British Airways business class number 0344 493 0748.

British Airways Executive Flight Booking 0844 493 0747

British Airways UK Executive Flight Booking Number

British Airways Executive Flight Booking contact number 0844 493 0747 is available from 7:30am to 8pm Monday to Sunday. This British Airways contact number executive club 0844 493 0747 can be called for flight booking by pressing option 2. You can even enquire about how to join the executive club and gain points to reach different tiers including Blue, Bronze, Silver and Gold. If you have already earned Avios Point or have British Airways evoucher, but do not know how to redeem them for booking the executive flight you can contact British Airways phone number reservations 0844 493 0747 to be at your rescue.

British Airways Executive Enquiry Outside UK 0191 490 7901

British Airways Executive Enquiry Outside UK contact number is 0191 490 7901. It is open from 7:30am to 8pm seven days a week. Executive Club members can dial British Airways contact number for booking 0191 490 7901 to book tickets or check the availability of flights if you are making a call outside the UK. Other enquiries including Avios balance, updating personal information, changing existing flight booking and refund enquiries can also be made.

British Airways Flight Booking 0844 493 0787

British Airways UK Flight Booking Number

British Airways Flight Booking contact number is 0844 493 0787. You can telephone this number from 7:30am to 9:45pm, seven days a week. If you want assistance in making new flight booking over the phone or if you are unable to understand the online process for the same then you can take help British Airways book flights team 0844 493 0787. If you want to explore how to choose seats for your flight and how to rectify errors on your recent booking you can call this number for help. In addition, you can check flight prices, prices of hotels cars and upgrades provided by ringing at British Airways number booking 0844 493 0787.

British Airways Flight Status 0344 493 0777

British Airways UK Flight Status Number

British Airways Flight status contact number 0344 493 0777 is open to call 24 hours 7 days a week, although the agent will be available from 6am to 8pm. Ring this British Airways contact number for flights 0344 493 0777 to get up to date arrivals and departure information for a specific flight. You can even enquire about British Airways flights which are delayed or cancelled to make rearrangements or request a rebook or refund. Dial at British Airways check in to learn about the details you need to provide when making a request for a refund. You can check the status of the flight in three ways, one using the route, second by departure date or third using the flight number. Get back to British Airways customer relations phone number 0344 493 0777 and tell any of the three above mentioned information and all your queries will be answered. Another way is to check Flight status online or on your mobile through British Airways app.

British Airways Executive Club 0344 493 0747

British Airways UK Executive Club Number


British Airways Executive Club contact number 0344 493 0747 is open to ring from 6am to 8pm seven days a week. You will get assistance in managing your Executive club account including all Avios balance or statement queries, updating personal information or any enquiry related to missing Avios from flown flight or partner purchases.  If you want to amend a flight booking that you made through the Executive Club service then you should beep at British Airways phone number Avios 0344 493 0747 to correct these errors. British Airways executive club contact 0344 493 0747 can also help you with your queries related to date or destination changes of your existing flight, hotel and car hire booking. British Airways phone number executive club 0344 493 0747 is also dedicated to providing aid to people who are not fit and want to request for a different meal and wheelchair.

If you prefer to share your feedback or send enquiries to British Airways executive club contact in writing, or want to send documents including tickets to support a claim for a lost Avios point then post a letter to British Airways address:

British Airways Executive Club,
PO Box 1125,
UB8 9XR,
United Kingdom.

British Airways Group Travels 0344 493 0765

British Airways Group Travels contact number 0344 493 0765 works during the weekdays between 8:30am to 5pm. The British Airways number employees 0344 493 0765 aims at providing information about group travel services to the customers for their sports team, volunteer groups or friends. No matter what is the size of the group, each member can pay a small deposit rather than one person paying the whole. British Airways sale 0344 493 0765 will guide you towards the process when you want to make a booking for a group of 10 or more people travelling in economy class, 7 or more people travelling in premium economy or business class, 4 or more people travelling in First class. Additionally, contact British Airways bookings 0344 493 0765 to modify your party, change your travel date and seek details about booking vehicle after arrival. You can even get in touch with British Airways holidays 0344 493 0765 to learn benefits of booking as a group and how can this option help to get you add-ons to make your trip better.

British Airways Baggage Claims 0344 493 0785

British Airways UK baggage Claim Number

British Airway Baggage Claims contact number 0344 493 0785 is open to call from Monday to Friday, 9am to 5:15pm and 9am to 5pm on Saturdays. If you have concerns about delayed baggage on the travel route and need to make arrangements to recover it then British airways complaints 0344 493 0785 must be called for help. This helpline will be able to provide you with live information as to whereabouts of your luggage and notify you of the time required for it to reach your destination. If your baggage is lost inform about it to the British Airways phone number UK customer service 0344 493 0785 as soon as possible and your bag will be returned to you without any British Airways baggage fees. In fact, if you purchase things of your need until you don’t have your baggage, don’t forget to keep the receipts to claim a reimbursement.

You are also free to make a claim for damaged or missing content by talking at British Airways contact details telephone 0344 493 0785, the only condition is that the item must not be a perishable, fragile, valuable item or if it is packed in unsuitable or damaged container.

British Airways Minicom 0345 700 7706

British Airways UK Minicom Number

British Airways Minicom contact number is 0345 700 7706. You can contact British Airways UK 0345 700 7706 between 6am to 8pm any day of the week. People who have hearing or speaking problem and needs to get in touch with British Airways contact number UK 0345 700 7706 to seek information regarding the status of the flight or cancellation of the booking. British Airways ensures smooth service to people enquiring about APIS, airport information, website navigation, seating or baggage policy and allowances. In case a person does not have a Minicom access, he can send his request at British Airways email for this purpose.

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