24 Studio Contact Numbers: Customer Service, Orderline, Catalogue, Purchase Claim, Policy Cancellation

Studio Department Studio UK Contact Number
Studio Customer Service  0371 200 0378
Studio Orderline 0872 737 0000
Studio Catalogue 0344 800 2662
Studio Purchase Claim 0371 376 9961
Studio Policy Cancellation 0371 200 0378

Studio Customer Service 0371 200 0378

Studio UK Customer Service Number

Studio customer service contact number 0371 200 0378 is open 8am to 10pm, 7 days a week. 24studio customer services phone number 0371 200 0378 can be dialled if you need support to order or to find a discount code that is valid for your purchase. After placing your order, you will receive a tracking number which you can enter on the online order tracking tool on the company website, and know where your order has reached as of now, if you are unable to track it down then get in touch at studio phone number 0371 200 0378 to ask about their return process and to claim a refund. If you have purchased an item from 24Studio and want to make payment through debit card, credit card, net banking or cash on delivery but are unable to do so, or are having a problem with a payment that has already been processed then dial 24studio payment phone number 0371 200 0378 for the assistance. You may also dial this number for technical support queries if you are having difficulties logging in to your online account. If you already hold an account with 24Studio and want to cancel your agreement once you have paid off your debt then contact 24 studio for the same. People who are fond of innovative gifts, gadgets or other electrical goods can check for its availability by speaking at 24studio UK contact number 0371 200 0378.

If you feel you have been cheated or a fraudulent product has been sent to you then you can register a complaint regarding it by calling 24studio complaints phone number 0371 200 0378. In case you would like to send your grievances through letters then you can send them to the following Studio customer service address:

Customer Care Dept.,

Studio, Preston,


You can also Fax them at 24studio Customer Service fax number 0125 430 3038. This can be comparatively a slow mode of communication but they will get back to you soon.

Studio Orderline 0872 737 0000

Studio Orderline contact number 0872 737 0000 is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 24Studio is primarily an online store which evolved out of a mail-order business that provides its customers with products ranging from jewellery and books to outdoor and electrical goods and everything in between. Studio 24 contact number 0872 737 0000 is dedicated to handling queries related to purchases or to make new orders on phone. Just keep your contact information, delivery address, and credit card ready before dialling to them. To check the balance of your gift card and to request a catalogue to be sent to your home address beep at studio contact number UK 0872 737 0000. Get in touch with 24studio Order Online telephone number 0872 737 0000 if you want to spread the cost at Studio and if you want to know that you can shop without opening a 24studio Credit Account. To avail extra benefits you can register for studio account by ringing at this 24studio UK number 0872 737 0000. You will be able to avail free delivery, track your order online, view your order and transaction history, save prefered mode of payment and also get latest updates.

Studio Catalogue 0344 800 2662

Studio UK Catalogue Number

Studio Catalogue Contact Number 0344 800 2662 provides aid to people who are not their customers but would like to shop with them. Studio 24 catalogue contact number 0344 800 2662 can be dialled to request for the latest catalogue to browse through the huge selection of products available on offer and start shopping. You may even enquire if you will be receiving a free catalogue with your first order or do you have to pay for it. Do not forget to refer #SK0K when you contact  Studio. If you want to stay updated with their latest product on offers then subscribe to their regular emails by calling at 24studio phone no 0344 800 2662 by providing your email address to them.  If you desire to return an item you can do so by dialling studio returns contact number 0344 800 2662.

Studio Purchase Claim 0371 376 9961

Studio UK Claim Number

Studio Purchase Claim contact number 0371 376 9961 cater the customers who want to make a claim or purchase protection. Studio Purchase Protection is an insurance policy for the account holders that need to protect their catalogue purchases. To know more about the procedure you can dial 24studio contact phone number 0371 376 9961 for assistance. In case you want to make claim for any theft, burglary, robbery, vandalism or malicious act then 24 studio phone number 0371 376 9961 would recommend you to report the incident to the police within 24 hours and receive written confirmation, including a crime reference number.  You can even write to the Studio team at 24studio email address contact@24studio.co.uk if you are too busy to call their helpline or want to send their general enquiries in a more formal manner, do mention the item details and date of purchase if you have such query. Studio also has a range of social media profiles to promote 24studio voucher, for flash sales and to notify their customers of updates in their credit terms.

Moreover, you can call this helpline to claim compensation if payment protection insurance was incorrectly added to your credit agreement with the company. There is also an option to send written complaints to 24studio head office address mentioned below, attach documents such as evidence pertaining to your dispute by posting them:

Complaints & Financial Services Department,
PR0 2BP,
The United Kingdom.

You need to mention your contact details, precise description of the complaint, your phone number and suggestions to set the things right for you.

Studio Policy Cancellation 0371 200 0378

Studio UK Policy cancellation Number

Studio Policy Cancellation contact number 0371 200 0378 deals with the cancellation requests related to policy. Beep at 24 studio.co.uk phone number 0371 200 0378 if you would like to cancel or amend your cover at any time without affecting your credit. Make sure you inquire about the cooling off period so that your premium gets refunded timely. If the insurers cancel cover under your policy no further premium will be payable by you and you will continue to receive any benefits for a valid claim if your claim date was before the date this policy was cancelled. To know further about contact studio 0371 200 0378 and get your queries resolved.

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